AUSiMED Celebrates 10 Year of Achievement

AUSiMED Celebrates 10 Year of Achievement

AUSTRALIA-ISRAEL MEDICAL RESEARCH (AUSiMED) is celebrating TEN years of achievement.

AUSiMED was launched in the strong belief that Australia and Israel, two world leaders in clinical research, could, through collaborative endeavour, deliver outcomes beneficial to both countries AND the global community.

We are proud of the progress we are making, delivering on this Mission.

2022 was a particularly impactful example of the power of our cross-border model. In September 2022, AUSiMED hosted the 2nd Jerusalem International Conference on Trauma and Mental Health which delivered a powerful program covering innovative approaches to the treatment of PTSD to participants from Europe, the middle east, Australia, and North America.

In 2022 AUSiMED also facilitated the visit to Israel, of fifteen of Australia’s leading Public Health experts. Led by Professor Sharon Lewin, the Director of the Doherty Institute, the 15-person group, including the Chief Health Officers (CHO) of NSW and South Australia, the Deputy CHO of Victoria, engaged with their Israeli counterparts in a rewarding exchange of learnings from the battle with COVID-19.

What is particularly gratifying is that we were able to deliver on these major initiatives while continuing and deepening our commitment to world-leading Australia-Israel collaborative clinical research initiatives and Fellowships.

The list of AUSiMED’s achievements is long and it is continuing to grow and deepen due to the ongoing, generous support we are receiving from our donor community.