Medical Science Review Board

Medical Science Review Board

AUSiMED has a Medical Science Review Board of highly regarded experts to select our research projects and Fellowships.
The MSRB’s decisions consider a range of criteria.

The MSRB comprises a range of leading experts and includes:

Professor John A Eisman AO
Professor Eisman is Professor of Medicine (conjoint), The University of New South Wales; Director, Clinical Translation and Advanced Education Program, Garvan Institute of Medical Research; and Staff Endocrinologist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. John is involved internationally in research that focuses on translation of clinical knowledge to improved care, fracture prevention clinical, bone genetics and epidemiology. In addition to his Order of Australia he is also the 1995 recipient of the Sir Eric Sussman Award, Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Dr Jonny Taitz
Jonny is Director, Paediatric Patient Safety, Clinical Excellence Commission. He is a Specialist General Paediatrician in private practice in Sydney and Director of Paediatric Patient Safety at the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission. Jonny is also an author and a director of MedEarth. He is former member of Variety and The Children’s Charity medical grants committee, former Vice Chairperson of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and past Chairperson of the SMILE Foundation.

Dr Elane Zelcer
Elane is a Commercialisation Advisor and former Executive Director of Monash’s Innovation Precinct

Dr Elane Zelcer’s career has spanned academic, executive management, director, and management consulting roles, almost exclusively focused on life sciences and medical technologies. Her experience includes private sector, universities, CRCs, and Federal and State government committees. 

Professor Ross Coppel
Ross is Senior Deputy Dean and Director of Research of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. He is an internationally recognised scientist for his work in the fields of malaria and primary biliary cirrhosis. Ross was a member of the advisory committee that oversaw bioinformatics of the malaria genome project and he administered the malaria sequence database for the World Health Organization (WHO). He was a founder of the PlasmoDB consortium, a project to develop an organism-specific database that simplifies the analysis and exploitation of genomic sequence data by biologists. He is Director and a founding member of the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium.

Associate Professor Sarah Kummerfeld
Sarah is the Scientific Head of the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. She uses genomics to understand human disease and translate findings into clinical diagnostics and treatments. Sarah completed her PhD in Computational Biology at the University of Cambridge, working on protein structure and function prediction. Her postdoctoral research at Stanford University studied the molecular basis of human ageing.

Sarah has worked both in academia and industry, including 10 years as a Scientist at Genentech, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Genentech, she used large-scale genomics approaches to understand why only some patients respond to treatment and to identify diagnostic biomarkers that predict response to particular drugs. Sarah is dedicated to bringing applying advances in genomics research to benefit patients.

Dr Sarah Gutman
Sarah is a Cardiologist and PhD candidate at The Alfred and The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. 

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