Ways to Give

All donations will enable AUSiMED to support Australian and Israeli researchers and health professionals to combine their talents and work together to develop new medical treatments and to improve health care delivery in Australia and Israel. There are several ways you can donate to AUSiMED.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a receipt will be emailed to you.

You can donate online

For direct deposits please use the following information:

Account Name: AUSiMED Limited
BSB: 033 047
Account: 587 225

Planned Giving

Monthly giving or an annual gift will contribute to AUSiMED’s day-to-day operation, long-range planning, and its role in building bridges between Australian and Israeli medical research institutions and universities.

You can support AUSiMED on an ongoing basis here or
you can contact AUSiMED via the button below.

Support a Project

Passionate about a particular project?

As a valued donor, you can choose where your gift will be directed or leave your gift undesignated, so AUSiMED can direct your support to where it is needed most.

For more information about our projects, click on the tiles below

Medical Research

Medical Research



Israel Short Stays

Israel Short Stays

The Goshen Project

The Goshen Project

Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health

You can pledge your support to a particular project by contacting Dr Karen Teshuva

Campaign Support

Help us unlock the incredible potential that flows from medical collaboration between Australia and Israel.  Your donation will enable Australian and Israeli researchers and doctors to continue working together to improve global health.

Venture Philanthropy Fund (VPF)

AUSiMED’s Venture Philanthropy Fund is an exciting opportunity to invest in medical research. It is applicable for research projects with potential for a commercial outcome and it is supported by a Tax Ruling from the Australian Taxation Office.

How the VPF approach arose
The VPF approach arose from a PAF asking – why they could not get a return where research was commercially successful as they would do if it was a venture capital investment. The approach developed in response allows PAFs and/or AUSiMED to do this and redeploy these funds into further work.

How does it work?

  • The PAF lends AUSiMED an amount of money
  • This money is combined with loans from other PAFs and/or donations
  • AUSiMED lends the money to the research project

If the project is successful:

  • AUSiMED is repaid the loan amount + interest (up to RBA rate + 14%).
  • AUSiMED repays the loans from PAFs along with the proportionate share of interest (and retains the balance relating to donated funds used to fund the project)

If the project is unsuccessful:

  • the PAF treats the loan amount + the entire interest foregone (up to RBA rate + 14%) as part of its required annual giving
  • This enables PAFs to choose either to give away less or treat any excess over the required minimum annual gifting as additional gifting.