About Us

AUSiMED is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates and financially supports medical research collaboration and knowledge transfer between Australia and Israel.

Our programs enable Australian and Israeli medical scientists and clinicians to combine their ideas and talents to bring about exciting medical developments and improvements in health care that benefit Australia, Israel and the world.

Need for collaborative research

AUSiMED helps unlock the incredible potential that grows when Australia and Israel collaborate in medical research and knowledge exchange.

What we do

AUSiMED’s programs include:

Research grants for medical research collaborations between Israel and Australia.

Fellowships that provide unique training in Australia for Israeli doctors and vica versa.

Short-stay visits to Israel for leading Australian academics, clinicians and medical researchers.

Child and Youth Health Initiatives in Israel

AUSiMED people

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Medical Science
Review Board

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AUSiMED Patrons

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