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AUSiMED is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates and financially supports medical research collaboration and knowledge transfer between Australia and Israel.

Our programs enable Australian and Israeli medical scientists and clinicians to combine their ideas and talents to bring about exciting medical developments and improvements in health care that benefit Australia, Israel and the world.

Need for collaborative research

AUSiMED helps unlock the incredible potential that grows when Australia and Israel collaborate in medical research and knowledge exchange.

What we do

AUSiMED’s programs include:

Research grants for medical research collaborations between Israel and Australia.

Fellowships that provide unique training in Australia for Israeli doctors and vica versa.

Short-stay visits to Israel for leading Australian academics, clinicians and medical researchers.

Child and Youth Health Initiatives in Israel


Australia/Israel Medical Research (AUSiMED) is a non-profit organisation committed harnessing the power of international collaboration to bring about exciting medical developments that benefit Australia, Israel and the world.
The COVID pandemic highlighted the vital importance of medical and scientific collaboration in overcoming global challenges. It has shown that collaboration between researchers and physicians who offer complementary perspectives, knowledge and skills is one of the most effective ways to accelerate medical breakthroughs.
AUSiMED enlists philanthropic funding to facilitate and financially support new opportunities for collaborative medical research, international fellowships and knowledge exchange partnerships between world-leading Australian and Israeli medical scientists and health professionals, enabling them to combine their ideas and talents to advance the development of new treatments and improvements in healthcare.


With relatively small populations (Australia 26 million and Israel almost 10 million), both countries “punch well above their weight” when it comes to clinical research.
Australia and Israel also have a long and well-developed networks of scientific collaborations and, as two robust democracies, shared values.
Over the past forty years, a well-honed ecosystem of scientific excellence and innovation has also seen Israel become a leader in medical investigation. There is virtually no area of medical research to which Israel has not made significant contributions - cardiology, genetics, neurology and ophthalmology being just some of the areas which have benefited. In an era where one of the biggest opportunities for discovery in medical research lies in the convergence between technology and biology, Israel has a globally acknowledged competitive edge.
In Australia more than 32,000 medical researchers carry out their world-leading research in local institutes, hospitals and universities and this has led to life-changing discoveries including the artificial heart valve (Victor Chang), in vitro fertilisation (Carl Wood), understanding a major risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (Terry Dwyer), understanding the role of antibodies in the immune system (Gustav Nossal), and the discovery that the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, leads to gastritis and peptic ulcers (Barry Marshall & Robin Warren).

AUSiMED’s programs include:

Medical research collaborations between Israel and Australia.

Fellowships that provide unique training in Australia for Israeli doctors and vice versa.

Child and Youth Health and Wellbeing Program


AUSiMED’s impact over the last 10 years has been extensive, including the facilitation, funding and support of nine impactful medical research collaborations that are advancing the discovery of new medical treatments and diagnostic tools, the awarding of 12 paediatric fellowships and the enablement of knowledge sharing through international conferences, cross-country medical missions and short-stay exchange visits for some of Australia’s most prominent medical leaders.


AUSIMED has facilitated collaborative research partnerships and fellowships with leading health organisations in Australia and Israel. Our Research and fellowship partners include:

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Sydney Women’s Hospital, WEHI, MCRI, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Telethon Kids Institute, VCCRI, NTRI, Alfred Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital, Monash University, Orygen Youth Mental Health Centre of Excellence.

Rambam Medical Center, Hadassah Hospital, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Schneider Children’s Hospital, Rambam Hospital, Goshen, Sheba Hospital, Enosh-The Mental Health Association

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