Selection Criteria for AUSiMED Fellowships

Purpose: to advance the career of the Applicant so that on their return to Israel, they will be engaged in a more senior role that will benefit their Israeli organisation.

Documented support from the Israeli organisation is required to confirm the benefits and expectations.

Selection of candidates is based on the following selection criteria:

1. Highly promising clinicians or Post-Doctoral researchers from an academic healthcare or medical research organisation in Israel,
where that organisation and the sponsoring institution in Australia
have provided strong written support for the proposed Fellowship.

2. Outstanding resume and proven track record of achievement in healthcare delivery, medical research or health education.

3. Confirmation that training and/or research in Australia will be for a period of one year. A second year may be added if funded from another source.

4. The scope of the Fellowship is to acquire skills or training and/or to carry out research that is available in Australia and not in Israel e.g. with
leading researchers or clinicians in Australia with highly specialised skills and knowledge.

5. The skills and knowledge to be acquired by the Israeli Fellows will be filling a need that will greatly assist healthcare and/or medical research in Israel.

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