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Fundraising campaign raises $160,000



On 25 February, AUSiMED embarked on its first 24 hour Charidy online fundraising campaign, where every dollar donated on the day was quadrupled thanks to generous matching donors. The campaign was to celebrate AUSiMED's 5th anniversary, enabling us to investigate new projects to support.It was a remarkable success involving over 20 volunteers on phones on the day and 187 donors contributing to a total achievement of $141,244 from phone and online donations. Since ending the campaign, additional donors have increased the total raised to over $160,000.

This amount doubled the original target in our direct mail in the post, which had been set at $80,000.

Enormous thanks to all our matching donors, supporters who donated in the mail as well as online or on the phone, sponsors and volunteers who all contributed to this exceptional result. The Charidy online campaign is now closed but can still be viewed at

If you would still like to support our 5th anniversary campaign, online donations can be made at or phone the office on 03 9272 5699. Our 5th Anniversary newsletter can be read by clicking here.

Sam and Minnie Smorgon provide support for the Goshen Project in Israel




Sam and Minnie Smorgon and their family, have continued their commitment to support disadvantaged children in Israel, by extending a multi-year grant to AUSiMED for the Goshen Project in Israel.

Goshen is a bold national initiative that is bringing new knowledge about developmental paediatrics into medical care for Israeli children, particularly in disadvantaged areas. Goshen programs train paediatricians in Israel to identify children suffering from developmental issues. These paediatricians work with the child and the child’s family to improve outcomes by enlisting support from other healthcare providers, social services, allied health care professionals and educators. This approach is completely new in Israel.

Thanks to the generous support of Sam and Minnie Smorgon and their family, the establishment of a new Goshen Centre at Segev Shalom in the South is well underway as well as planning for programs at a new Goshen Centre to be established in the North of Israel at Tzfat. Both Centres will support families from disadvantaged local communities.

For more information, click here.

AUSiMED Fellow Gains Award at Conference two years in a row



In September 2017, AUSiMED Fellow Dr Hagai Avnet won the award for best short oral presentation at the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for the second year in a row for his presentation on "Evaluation of multi­modality, global fetal cardiac function assessment in pregnancies complicated with IUGR, TTTS and sIUGR".Winning this prestigious award shows recognition of the impacts of Hagai’s substantial body of work to the field of foetal cardiac function research. Hagai’s work paves the way to allowing new ultrasound modalities to be implemented into clinical work, which in turn will have the potential for improving perinatal outcomes.

Melbourne student learns about medicinal cannabis research at the Technion



Sam Brodsky, a biomedical student at Monash University recently completed work experience at the Technion in Israel, working in the lab of Associate Professor Dr Dedi Meiri. Dr Meiri is a world leader in research into the use of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for cancer. This opportunity was made possible due to AUSiMED's research relationship with Dr Meiri's lab and the endorsement of Technion Australia.

AUSiMED's other research partners in Australia and Israel have also agreed to provide work experience for students over 18. If you are an AUSiMED donor with a family member interested in applying to be considered for work experience, please email or phone the office (details below).


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