AUSiMED 'Search Party' Art Auction 2015

Mossgreen - 926-930 High Street, Armadale

Monday 7 September 2015

Hailed as the 'Social Event of the Year', the AUSiMED 'Search Party' Art Auction was hosted by comedian Rachel Berger and catered for by Guy Grossi of Grossi Florentino. It was an exciting event with a superb collection of works patronised by a wonderful gathering of supporters, art enthusiasts and collectors.

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AUSiMED / Metro Gallery 

John Olsen exclusive exhibition preview - Myself and Other Animals 

Wednesday, 23  July, 2014

AUSiMED is seeking your support for our breast cancer research project between WEHI and Tel Hashomer Hospital which has the potential to save the lives of women with untreatable breast cancer. Any support you can provide will make a direct, material difference to this project as this is funding that is not otherwise readily available to Australian medical researchers or their Israeli counterparts.
To make a donation you can either send back the pledge card we provided attached to the clipboard or the $1,000 Founders Club pledge card, or you can make an online donation by clicking HERE. All donations are FULLY tax deductible.

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AUSiMED / WIZO "Connecting Women" Event

on Thursday, 15 May, 2014

AUSiMED ran its first Women's event to a packed house of 120 women at Cinema Como. The attendees came to hear about the latest developments in genetic medicine including the recent trend of using genetics to "design babies" using IVF as well as the ethics and religious issues this raises.

AUSiMED also gave encouragement awards at the event to the top year 10 female science students in each of the Jewish Day Schools as well as $500 grants to each of these schools to fund programs at the schools designed to encourage girls to embark on science studies in their senior years.

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AUSiMED Networking Event Sponsored by Investec 

on Monday, 25 November, 2013

AUSiMED ran its first networking event on the last Monday of November thanks to the generosity of its sponsor, Investec, and it was a great success. Over 60 people attended at Investec's Boardroom, to meet new contacts, from a range of professions as well as to hear Silviu Itescu, CEO of leading biotech company, Mesoblast Ltd, speaking about how Mesoblast succeeded as a startup.

Since AUSiMED is all about medical research, attendees were greeted with dry ice oozing out of beakers and by waiters dressed as scientists serving drinks and canap├ęs using test tubes, watch glasses, funnels, beakers, pipettes and petri dishes. Later in the evening, liquid nitrogen was also used to produce the most amazing meringues for desert.

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AUSiMED Art Auction held Sunday 3 February, 2013

AUSiMED held its first major fund raising event (since acheiving tax deductible status) on Sunday 3 February at the Menzies Gallery in South Yarra. It was a great sucess and raised awareness of many about AUSiMED. The photo above shows the auction works on display.