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Leading Artist John Olsen helps to raise funds for AUSiMED Breast Cancer Project


In July this year, AUSiMED was offered the opportunity by Metro Galleries in Armadale, to arrange a fundraising event for our breast cancer research project. The event was an exclusive preview of John Olsen's latest exhibition, with John Olsen attending and speaking about his works.

Also in attendance were Prof Geoffrey Lindeman and Dr Michal Milgrom-Hoffman from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) who spoke about their AUSiMED collaborative project with Israel, to find new treatments for women with breast cancer who don't respond to current treatments.

A surprise on the night was that John Olsen created the work opposite on the afternoon of the event (worth over $15,000) and donated it to AUSiMED for sale at the event.  The work was then expertly auctioned by Philip Kingston from Gary Peer and Associates (seen in the photo above), with funds raised going to the AUSiMED breast cancer project.

AUSiMED assists leading bowel cancer researcher from Hebrew University to visit Melbourne


In October this year, AUSiMED was delighted to provide a travel scholarship to Prof Yinon Ben Neriah from the Immunology and Cancer Centre at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prof Ben Neriah is one of Israel's most successful cancer researchers. He was invited to Melbourne to attend as a speaker at the international ICIS meeting on Cytokines. 

He was also brought out to exchange important research findings with Prof Tony Burgess from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for the bowel cancer research project that AUSiMED is supporting, including new findings about using aspirin to treat bowel cancer.

Professor Tony Burgess speaks at Bowel Cancer briefing to the public at WEHI


In late October, Prof Tony Burgess (mentioned above) from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), who has a bowel cancer research project that AUSiMED is supporting, spoke at a public forum at WEHI called "Illuminating Bowel Cancer". His talk along with other talks at the forum can be watched at:

Associate Professor Qanta Ahmed speaks on working as a female doctor in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan


In November, AUSiMED was given the opportunity to host an event with world leading activist and writer, Prof Qanta Ahmed.

A large room of attendees heard Qanta describe her experiences as a Doctor in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel. This included observations about the equal way that Israeli hospitals treat both Jews and Muslims and comments on what she witnessed when attending a school in Pakistan where children who had been terrorists, were being rehabilitated. See the Youtube video at:

National Breast Cancer Foundation assists with funding an AUSiMED project

  In December, the National Breast Cancer Foundation announced that it would fund $100,000 a year for two years for the Australian costs of the breast cancer project AUSiMED is supporting at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne (mentioned above in the Olsen article). This is exciting news as the Australian team can now start their vital work on seeking biomarkers for new treatments for breast cancer. AUSiMED is currently seeking funds for the Israeli team at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv to start their part of the project. 

If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit the Donate Now page

AUSiMED seeking support for an Israeli respiratory paediatrician to come to Australia for a two year Clinical and Research Fellowship


The Princess Margaret Hospital for Children's in Perth is an international leader in treating young children with a genetic respiratory condition known as Cystic Fibrosis. Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem is keen to learn their techniques with young children and is seeking to send Dr Oded Breuer (pictured opposite with his daughter) to Perth for two years to receive training on these techniques at Princess Margaret Hospital. AUSiMED is currently fundraising to bring Oded to Australia in 2015. 

If you are interested in supporting Oded, please visit the Donate Now page

AUSiMED seeking support for a specialist in the genetics of heart defects to visit Australia for a six month Research Fellowship


In May this year, Dr Asaf Ta'Shma, a paediatric cardiologist from the Hadassah Hospital doing research on genetic heart defects, visited Melbourne including Australia's world leading regenerative heart lab at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University. Asaf’s work on heart defects was of great interest to ARMI as it could lead to ways of preventing some forms of congetinal heart defects.  AUSiMED is very excited that Asaf is now planning to work at ARMI for six months in 2015 to advance his research on genes involved in heart defects. As a result, AUSiMED is now actively fundraising for this project.

If you are interested in supporting Asaf, please visit the Donate Now page

AUSiMED co-hosts Save a Child's Heart with AUJS, AJMF and ZCV


In December, AUSiMED had the privilege of co-hosting a guest speaker with the Australian Union of Jewish Students, the Australian Jewish Medical Federation and The Zionist Council of Victoria. The speaker was Dr Yayu Mekonnen, an Ethiopian paediatrician training at the Wolfson Hospital in Tel Aviv to become a paediatric cardiac surgeon and then to return to Ethiopia as the first such surgeon. He spoke about the growing problem of heart defects in Ethiopia especially from rheumatic fever which is not well controlled there and could be prevented by better access to vaccines.     

AUSiMED Welcomes New Board Members


We are delighted to welcome two new members to the AUSiMED Board.

Our new Chair is Mr Antony Cohen, a globally focussed Commercial Senior Executive with 32 years of experience (including 28 at KPMG).

Ms Ruth Rosh is a senior fundraising, marketing and public relations specialist with an impressive track record in revenue and awareness raising for not-for-profit organisations.

We also note the retirement from the Board of Dr Elizabeth Finkel (who will remain on our Scientific Advisory Panel), and Professor Jeffery Rosenfeld AO, and thank them both for the significant contribution to the development of AUSiMED.

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