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AUSiMED sends funds to Israel for breast cancer research to help young Ashkenazi women


Last year, AUSiMED successfully raised funds at our Art Auction and earlier campaigns enabling us to commence funding a special breast cancer research project at the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, which included Dr Shani Paluch-Shimon.

This team is carrying out microbiological analysis of blood and tumour samples from young Ashkenazi women with triple negative breast cancer to understand why these tumours have a higher recurrence rate in these young women after treatment, than do other breast cancers.

This funding will also enable the Israeli team to collaborate with the Australian team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne who already received a grant for similar work from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

AUSiMED's 2016 fundraising campaign is now seeking funding of a further $150,000 to continue the analysis of bloodand tissue samples.

See Shani talking about the project and consider making a donation at:  

AUSiMED's first Fellow returns to Israel with new expertise in emergency medicine


Toward the end of last year, Dr Saar Hashavya returned to Hadassah Hospital in Israel having completed a one year AUSiMED training Fellowship at the Sydney Children's Hospital, learning how to run a paediatric Emergency Department.

This training was made available by a generous major donor as Israel is short of doctors with this training plus Australia manages its paediatric Emergency Departments differently to Israel and some of these differences can greatly benefit Israel.

As a result of this training, AUSiMED was very excited to hear that Saar is currently developing a new paediatric emergency training program for emergency Doctors in Israel, based on the training he received in Sydney.

The Jewish news wrote a feature article about Saar at:

AUSiMED provides funding to match a "VISITS" Victorian Government grant to research a new treatment for resistant bowel cancer


Last year, AUSiMED arranged for Tony Burgess (left) at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne to apply for a $50,000 grant to investigate a new way to treat resistant bowel cancers.

This funding application was approved by the Victorian Government and the funding for the collaborative partner at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was matched by AUSiMED.

The Research work will start in June.

Israel's success as a start-up nation to revolutionise Australian Medical Research Funding


AUSiMED's new philanthropic fund that will support Australia/Israel medical research will harness Israel's success as one of the world's leading start-up nations.

The Medical Research Venture Philanthropy Fund (MRVPF) which has been developed by AUSiMED for philanthropic Foundations, will inject up to $4M to fund five medical research projects including a world's first blood test for brain tumours, a new treatment for severe burns and new treatments for heart attack and resistant prostate and bowel cancer.

The MRVPF is a completely new way for philanthropists to fund medical research enabling them to share in commercial success in these projects as well as utilising Israel's strength and experience in supporting start-up businesses.

AUSiMED has secured an Australian Tax Office Ruling enabling Public and Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) to use their corpus to lend money at up to 15.75% interest per annum for projects in the MRVPF.

Loans are repaid from the commercial success of start-ups taking the projects to market.  Find out more about the MRVPF at:

AUSiMED Research Fellow from Israel makes a discovery about preventing congenital heart defects


Last year due to the generosity of a major donor, AUSiMED funded Dr Asaf Ta'Shma, a paediatric cardiologist from the Hadassah Hospital and a researcher on genetic heart defects, to come to Melbourne to train and do research at Australia's world leading regenerative heart lab at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University. Asaf's work on heart defects was of great interest to ARMI as it could lead to ways of preventing some forms of congenital heart defects.

By the end of this year, Asaf had not only learned the skill of using fertilised chicken eggs for his heart research but he had preliminary confirmation that a particular mutated gene he had been studying could be causing developmental heart defects. This finding when confirmed, could greatly assist the prevention of genetic heart defects in the future.

Since returning to Israel Asaf has been carrying out follow up experiments and is expecting approval this year of a scientific publication of his early findings.

Sending leading academic medical researchers to visit colleagues in Israel


In October and November last year, AUSiMED sponsored two outstanding researchers to visit Israel for four day visits to meet professional colleagues.

The first researcher was Prof Hugh Taylor AC (upper left), a renowned ophthalmic surgeon from Melbourne University who is best known for his work (following on from the late Fred Hollows) in preventing blindness amongst aborigines as well as in developing countries, caused by an infection known as trachoma.

The second was Prof Stephen Stick (lower left), a respiratory paediatrician from the University of Western Australia who is a renowned expert on cystic fibrosis.

AUSiMED arranged for each of them to tour Jerusalem and to exchange research ideas with colleagues.

After returning to Australia, both researchers told us they enjoyed the visits enormously and had gained greatly from the cultural and professional exchanges.

AUSiMED Welcomes New Board Members


AUSiMED is delighted to welcome new Board members, Louise Zygier from Melbourne and Stuart Romm from Sydney.

Louise is a former Development Manager at Monash University and the Jewish Museum and has sat on numerous Jewish communal boards including Jewish Care and as Vice President of the National Council for Jewish Women.

Stuart is an engineer and a former CEO of HPM in Sydney as well as being a former JNF NSW President and Federal Vice President.

AUSiMED is delighted to have the benefit of their substantial corporate and communal experience.

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