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$54 - one day of reagents used for research
$108 - one day’s work for a researcher
$540 - one day's work for a Principal Investigator
$900 - one week of a researcher's time 

Donations are tax deductible - tax receipts will be issued by AUSiMED Ltd
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Other Methods of Donating to AUSiMED:

  • By direct debit by calling AUSiMED on (03) 9272-5699
    to be provided with bank account details
  • Cheque by mail, made payable to AUSiMED Limited
    and posted to PO Box 2400 Caulfield VIC 3161.
  • Over the phone to AUSiMED. Phone (03) 9272 5699
  • For monthly workplace giving, AUSiMED is registered as a charity
    with a provider called "Good Company".
  • Ask your employer to register with Good Company to enable you
    to donate from your salary.