Medicinal Cannabis Knowledge Exchange Program 

About Cannabis Research in Israel

Israel has become a world leader in research on medicinal cannabis. The Israeli government and private donors are funding and supporting this breakthrough research. Current studies are looking at the use of cannabis compounds in the treatment of a range of diseases and conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, Crohn’s disease, pain prevention, cancer and epilepsy.

Technion Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research

The Technion Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Researchis headed by Associate Professor David (Dedi) Meiri, PhD. The main aim of the lab is to investigate the therapeutic potential of phytocannabinoids, the unique active compounds of the Cannabis sativa plant. This is one of the leading laboratories in the world with the state-of-the-art equipment, capabilities and resources to perform extensive analyses on the chemical composition, purify specific chemical compounds from cannabis plants and use cannabis extracts and compounds to perform in-vivo and in-vitro research of their effects in cell cultures, animal models, and clinical trials. The lab is currently involved in twelve clinical trials. A Youtube video about the work of this lab can be seen at, where Dr Meiri is the speaker.

The research team comprises: plant biologists, chemists, and neuroscientists working together synergistically to perform cannabis research. The team also collaborates with cannabis growers, clinicians, major manufacturers and distributors of medical cannabis for the purpose of improving cannabis treatment. The lab has established the "Cannabis Database Project" which includes a medical cannabis patient database, with both clinical and usage data for cannabis patients in Israel and abroad as well as a cannabis strain database. The database project provides means for evidence-based recommendations for the most suitable, safe and effective cannabis treatment.

About the AUSiMED Medicinal Cannabis Knowledge Exchange Program

AUSiMED’s proposed knowledge exchange program will be implemented using two types of Medical Cannabis Fellowships:

1) Research Fellowship for Australian scientists to train for six months at the Technion Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research; and

2) Clinical Fellowships to bring Israeli medical experts in a range of relevant area to Australia for a week to provide training for doctors on using medicinal cannabis.  

Research Fellowships

The selected Fellow will be a researcher with an interest in the area of medical cannabis. There would be the expectation of the completion of both training and contributing time to a research project of publication quality within the term of the Fellowship. Each Fellow is expected to return to Australia after completion of the Fellowship to a guaranteed senior research role. The approximate cost is AUD $60,000 for six months. Please consider donating using the orange "Donate Now" Button opposite.

Clinical Fellowships

Clinical Fellowships will bring Israeli experts to Australia in a range of relevant area of medicine on using medicinal cannabis for a week to attend hospital “Grand rounds” and give Masterclasses at hospitals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The approximate cost is $15,000 per Clinical Fellow. Please consider donating using the orange "Donate Now" Button opposite.